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Take the financial freedom SOP quiz

....and figure out “where to start"

At Her Seven Figure Story we have eliminated the ambiguity around the answer to "Where do I start?." We created the Financial Freedom SOP, a guide to understanding your starting off point on your own perosnal journey to creating a life of financial freedom. Determine your SOP below so you know what next steps to take.

This stage identifies someone fully dependent on each paycheck, working towards getting their expenses to be less than their income, and living with basic necessities.

This stage identifies someone working towards quality financial management, including setting up an emergency fund, strategic budgeting, and learning about growing wealth.

At this stage, the individual is ready to start mastering passive income and investing strategies that allows them to see consistency with their wealth growth.

This stage indicates working towards lowering and consolidating their debt. A main goal of someone in this stage is learning and working towards getting their net worth above zero.

This stage is for someone looking to grow wealth through investing. A goal of someone in this stage is getting confident with what investing options are available and best suited for long term goals.

At this stage, time is no longer traded for money as all assets are fully covered by expenses. Legacy wealth is the goal. Reaching this stage is our ultimate mission for followers of H7FS.

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