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The 7 Figure Academy is Ashley's exclusive six week program to help you enter into a completely new phase of your financial journey and to help you navigate critical components of your financial plan.

how we do it: the curriculum

A six week transformative program designed to roadmap your personal finance goals

this is exactly what we cover so you leave the six weeks feeling in complete control of your financial future
Week 1: Mastering Your Mindset

Week one is a critical component to understanding the gap between your current state and ideal financial future. We discuss financial confidence and outline what it looks like to have a true blueprint to accomplishing your biggest financial goals.

Week 2: Introduction to Your Four Buckets of Financial Confidence

Week two is all about learning what balance means when it comes to curating a strong financial plan. We also dive into bucket #2, which is your ability to prepare for impact and gain confidence in your emergency game plan.

Week 3: Personal Debt & Credit Strategy

This week we will start to tackle analyzing debt and knowing how to strategically pay off debt (now or later) along with managing and maximizing your utilization of credit.

Week 4: Investing for your own 7 Figure Story

This week we will analyze and master investing: account management, building welath for the long term & short term, analyzing the market, understanding different types of investments, etc.

Week 5: Learning How to Curate A Budgeting Blueprint

This week is all about connecting all peices of your financial game plan into a strategic budgeting plan that ACTUALLY keeps you on track to accomplishing your short term and long term goals.

Week 6: Building a Legacy

This last session is all about creating your own legacy: paying for your kids school? starting a business? giving back to a charity that is important to you? and learning what it looks like to grow your overall net worth.

what is included within the program:
What's Included in the Academy Program:
Six 2 Hour Recorded Group Coaching Calls with Ashley

Trainings your financial mindset, Ashley's personal approach to financial strategy, the H7FS strategic budgeting blueprint, growing wealth through investing, passive income and financial optimization. These are group calls that meet at the same time and day every single week.

30+ Hours Of Pre-Recorded Content

You will always have trainings and materials to return to at any point.

Private Membership Portal

You will gain lifetime access to a portal filled with the best trainings, tons of resources, templates, and tools needed for success including all premium upgrades and additional trainings included in future programs.

Ashley's H7FS Budgeting Templates and Blueprint Trainings

A completely customizable budgeting template with full support and training to ensure it outlines your personal roadmap to your financial goals.

Free Online Group Community and 48 Hour Support

Academy students are gifted with the ability to collaborate and connect with other members in the program. Ashley also personally monitors this group and provides feedback and direct support within 24-48 hours.

You are about to make the best decision for your financial future.

Women in the 1% experience something different because they choose to invest in themselves differently. In just six weeks this could be you:

Be the first person in your family to have true financial strategy, education your friends and create a true legacy

Financial education changes lives and can help you and your current (or future family) leave a true wealth building legacy. You deserve more and can finally make it happen

Prove to yourself that anything is possible, regardless of whatever your current financial situation is now.

You've always had a dream. Now, it's time for you and I to make it your reality. Lucky for you, I've already done this a few hundred times.

Invest with total confidence - by mastering your short term and long term wealth strategy.

You'll be investing by confidently contributing to your 401k and Roth IRA. You will be able to determine the right amount to prioritize for the short term and the long term along with knowing what type of investment strategy works best for you.

Create a life by design.

10xing your net worth by financially mastering investing, building a budget that gets you out of unnecessary debt and helps you accelerate yourself to all of your personal goals, and best financial habits to keep you confident and protected regardless of what comes your way.


Your journey starts here.
agency approach to financial education.
Welcome to Her Seven Figure Story – a community and education platform for women looking to finally take control of their financial future.

Saint Louis, Missouri