The 7 Figure Society is Ashley's exclusive coaching program to help take you from financially unsure to totally mastering your money - what accounts to have, what you want to invest in (and how!), and officially master what steps you need to make your money for you!

let me guess... this is exactly how you feel right now.

operating with a "spagetti method" approach to managing your money that is not giving you any confidence or clarity on how to hit your goals
Copy of How to Make Your Money Finally Work For you

You may have a budget but it's used to keep you "afloat" each month, but not really to roadmap to your goals or help you build wealth

You have a 401k but you're not sure if it's enough to get you on track for retirement

You're unsure how to master investing and build wealth for your short term goals

You want to know how much to save vs. how much to invest

Your debt payoff plan is based off "paying it off as soon as possible" even though you're not sure if that is really the right thing to be doing with your money

You desire to be a #richbitch, but right now you just feel like you are guesing your way to financial freedom

The is where we come in.

We take our 7 Figure Society students from this...

Copy of How to Make Your Money Finally Work For you

To this:

By helping you master Ashley's personal 4 bucket step strategy that will make you never worry about "where to put your money" again.
#1: Your Budgeting Blueprint

Your budget shouldn't just keep you organized. It should be a roadmap (or as well call a blueprint) to your personal goals. We believe personal finance should be personal - which is why everyone's personal blueprint is custom to the life they are looking to live.

#2: Your Emergency Game Plan

Your emergency game plan is about two components of preparing for impact: your emergency fund (aka how much you need in savings vs investing) and your plan B.. plan C.. and so on. You should know that no matter what problem arises, you can handle it with ease.

#3: Your Short Term Wealth Strategy

Short term wealth.. surprise, its a term we made up. But this is the bucket designed to help you build wealth and invest outside of retirement. Think your first house, a year long vaca whenever you want, your next rental property... and so on.

#4: Your Long Term Wealth & Retirement Strategy

Your long term investing/wealth building strategy = retirement. Do you know how much you need to retire comfortable? What accounts you put your money in the right place, and what to invest in?

Which means this for you...

That you can finally master investing YOUR way. Just like personal finance is personal, your investing strategy should be personal - based on your goals, the timeline of your investments, and your personal volitility strategy.

You know exactly what accounts you need - what they are, and how to use them.

You know how to make your money work for you regardless of it's being saved, budgeted, or invested.

Your budget is a true roadmap to your goals. So you know exactly how to accomplish your biggest dreams.

You have a true emergency game plan. So regardless of whatever problem comes you way you know exactly how to tackle it.

Your experience and relationship with money completely changed because you finally feel like you're doing the right things with it.

Financial confidence becomes your middle name. You could literally teach your kids, your sister or brother, or best friend what you learned with so much confidence and excitement.

and trust me... so much more!...

Spoiler alert: You cannot learn this method anywhere else.

Sure you can go take an investing training. Or download budgeting templates online. Or even binge Ashley's tiktoks.

But this specific strategy that changed my financial outlook in my 20s is something that I only teach here. Not as a course - but as a true collaborative self study program designed to give you the financial foundation that will actually change your life.

Hear from the 500+ other women like you who changed their life in just a matter of weeks after working with us:
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Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 10.28.04 PM
Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 3.27.48 PM
Screen Shot 2022-09-27 at 3.27.36 PM
Screen Shot 2023-01-16 at 10.27.46 PM
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How does our program work?

Our program is comprised of two different parts. The first 12 weeks are designed for us to work together to help you create your own financial plan (meaning you finally know what the heck to do with your money!) And then after that we we will focus on continuous development. You move out of our coaching program into our monthly membership where you can connect with us and continue to build upon your existing knowledge.

Your First 12 Weeks Focus: Our 1:1 Coaching Support

In your first three months, it's go time. We kick off our time working together through my 12 step coaching program. Each week we will focus on specific financial education (budgeting, investing, credit, etc) and incorporate that with specific action items for you based on your goals. Each week you will receive total support so that you leave this program will all your questions answered.

Beyond the 12 Weeks: Continuing Your Education

Just like the rest of our community, after your 12 weeks are done we know you're going to want to continue your journey. That is why immediately after we complete our time together you'll be able to continue getting support in our membership community. Each month we have live coaching calls & live trainings on additional wealth building topics like passive income, starting a business, and more.

how we do it: the curriculum

Our 12 week coaching curriculum

this is exactly what we cover so you leave the feeling in complete control of your financial future
Week 1: Getting Connected To Our Community, Meeting Ashley, & Letting Us Get to Know You

Week One is an important week for us to really get to know you and you to know us (aka, Ashley!). We will set you up with all your resources, set you up in accountability group so you can meet other members, and chat through your goals of the upcoming 12 weeks.

Week 2: Getting Confident About Your Goals & How We Can Best Support You

Week Two is a critical component to understanding the gap between your current state and ideal financial future. We discuss financial confidence and outline what it looks like to have a true blueprint to accomplishing your biggest financial goals.

Week 3: Introduction to the M$ Financial Framework

Now that we understand what you want to accomplish, we're going to introduce you to the framework that took me from my own "spaghetti method" to a self made millionaire at 30. You'll look at what it means to have a truly optimized, balanced, and successful financial action plan.

Week 4: Creating an Emergency Game Plan

We believe "preparing for impact" is much more than having some random amount of money in a savings account. This week we'll figure out your true emergency fund number, get you setup in 1 (or multiple) high yield savings accounts, and introduce you to your emergency plan A, B, C... and so on so that you know you're set.

Week 5: Building Your Long Term Credit Strategy

Millionaires don't just have a good credit score, they know how to strengthen it with strategic credit building activities so that they can take advantages of the best benefits over the course of their life. This week we will deep dive your current credit activity and make a plan to enhance it for your long term benefit.

Week 6: Utilizing Debt To Build Wealth

Have debt? We can help you pay if off quicker. Don't have debt? Also totally fine. This week is all about understanding good vs bad debt and how debt can actually help you build significant wealth throughout your life.

Week 7: Evaluating & Creating Your Long Term & Short Term Investing Strategy

This week will change your life. It's the first of three weeks dedicated to providing you total confidence when it comes to investing. In this week we will evaluating your current investing strategy, understand account strategy (401ks, Roth Iras, Traditional Brokerage accounts) and then divide your accounts between your short term & long term goals.

Week 8: Mastering Different Types of Investments

In this week we will review different types of investments and why it would make sense to invest in one over the other. This means stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFS... what they are and why it aligns with your investing style or not.

Week 9: Create Your Own Investing Portfolio & Choosing Your Investments

Now that your investment accounts are setup, you are confident about different investment types, and your investing style, we're now investing with confidence. By the end of this week all of your accounts will be setup, investing strategically based on your goals, and you'll know how to pivot your plans if new goals arise.

Week 10: Mastering & Creating Your Personal Budgeting Blueprint

Consider Weeks 1-9 your puzzle pieces. Now that you have them all, we can put them together in a B.A. puzzle (aka your strategic budgeting blueprint). This is where we help you ensure that your monthly plan aligns directly with the goals that you set in Week 2. Every month you're going to know that you're doing the absolute best thing with your money to make sure your four buckets are working for you.

Week 11: Revisting Your Goals & Re-Evaluating Your Blueprint

This week we will do a second review of your budgeting blueprint. This is where we talk through your blueprint in regards to your 1 year, 5 year, and 10 year plan. Knowing how to pivot is a critical part of ongoing financial success so we want to ensure that you are confident in your action plan now, but also as you navigate your money outside this program.

Week 12: Thinking Bigger & Next Steps Of Your Journey

This last week is all about celebrating you and thinking bigger about what you're able to accomplish now that your financial plan is fully optimized. We'll start talking about early retirement planning, passive income, increasing your net worth, and so much more.

What happens after your 12 week coaching program is complete?

We believe that your financial journey truly never ends. Which is why after we work together you'll immediately transition into our monthly membership experience designed to continue to build your financial confidence but also introduce additional wealth building support around passive income, negotiation, increasing your income, starting a business, and more.

Focus #1: Career Development, Negotiation, & Networking Skills

For our favorite corporate gals, we wanted to provide you with the opportunity to get an inside scoop on what it takes to be the best of the best in your field. We're bringing in guest experts to talk about Linkedin, Negotiation skills, and professional communication best habits. We also have all of our resume templates, and guides to help you land your dream job.

Focus #2: Passive Income Trainings & Resources

As someone who has build six streams of income in her 20s, I know a thing or two about creating income steams, taking them passive, and building them to multiple five figures per month. In the society we will be introducing you to the BTS of my own passive income streams and bringing in guest experts to talk about affiliate marketing, real estate, etc.

Focus #3: Monthly Financial Coaching Calls

We know that you may have questions after your coaching program is complete. This is why after the program you'll still maintain 24/7 chat access with me along with a live hour long coaching call/Q&A call you can attend for additional support.


Live Coaching Calls & Trainings Happening This Month

How to Generate 20K Per Month of Passive Income (4 Week Live Training Series)

How to Improve Your Relationship with Money

Vision Board & Goal Setting Party (How to Build Your M$ Life)


Additional Resources Dropped For Members This Month

Get Very Clear On Your Goals (So That You Know What Financial Actions You Need to Achieve Them) Recorded Training

Looking To Buy A House? This Is How Much House (Mortgage) You Can Afford Tracker + Training

What Happens to Your Old 401k When You Leave Your Company & Utilizing Capitalize to Roll Over Your Old 401k Training

Our personal goals we want to support you with:
Help you step into your 2.0 era, feeling confident in the actions you take every single day to hit your goals

We focus a lot on habits and personal confident in the society. As a 2x multi six figure business owner I can tell you first hand how important the little things truly are. Which is why I give you the behind the scenes of my life, share routine best practices, and so much more.

Allow you to never run out of inspiration, encouragement, and personal support

When I created this membership I genuinely wanted to create a one stop shop for you to be able to get an inside look into my world and how you can get access to it. I've partnered with some of the biggest experts, coaches, and professionals to help bring you additional trainings and resources so that my expertise + theirs is always accessible to you at your fingertips.

Opportunity to meet your next best friend, business partner, coach, or maybe even co-worker

In my world, our members have an abundance of opportunity to connect with other members. We've experienced women connect and grab coffee in the past, women who have started businesses together, helped each other get into their dream companies, and so much more. Opportunities are endless and we want you to have ALL of them.

tbh: we won't be happy unless you're sending us messages like this every day...

Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 10.30.54 AM
Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 10.31.17 AM
Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 10.31.53 AM
Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 10.31.44 AM
Not a bold claim, but the truth...

You are about to make the best decision for your future M$ self

Women in the 1% experience something different because they choose to invest in themselves differently. This membership was made to bring together the best of the best, and take them to the next level.

Be the first person in your family to have true financial strategy, education your friends and create a true legacy

Financial education changes lives and can help you and your current (or future family) leave a true wealth building legacy. You deserve more and can finally make it happen

Prove to yourself that anything is possible, regardless of whatever your current financial situation is now.

You've always had a dream. Now, it's time for you and I to make it your reality. Lucky for you, I've already done this a few hundred times.

Invest with total confidence - by mastering your short term and long term wealth strategy.

You'll be investing by confidently contributing to your 401k and Roth IRA. You will be able to determine the right amount to prioritize for the short term and the long term along with knowing what type of investment strategy works best for you.

Start building passive income or multiple streams of income

What would it look like to replace your 9-5 income? Get out of debt? Retire early? Make money from your vacation home? When you know how to manage money + make money, you become confident to create a life and income that allows you to have the freedom to do it all.

Create a life by design.

What would it look like to know you could retire early, pay for your kid's college, take your friends on a VIP vacation on you, never wake up to an alarm again... I've done it all. And i want you to do it all, too.

If you've made it to the bottom of this page it's because you are the type of women that wants more.

Now it's up to you. You just have to take action and choose to take the next step towards financial freedom. So.. will you?

or maybe you might have one last frequently asked question...

we are here to answer for you
Who is this membership & coaching experience for?

We designed this coaching & mentorship space for the aspiring M$ women. We wanted to provide an energetic, positive, and continuous development experience to help women master their money - alongside with learning how to enhance her personal, professional, and financial wellness.

I'm excited to jump in, but what happens if I ever want to cancel?

Financial wellness is extremely important to Ashley and the Her Seven Figure Story. We are aligned with you feeling confident and empowered enough to make the right financial decision for yourself which is why you are able to cancel at any time after your 12 weeks is complete. Your initial payment will cover your first three months together, after that you will pay your monthly membership fee until you choose to cancel.

Do I get any 1:1 support?

Yes yes and yes. Not only do you get direct support, guidance, feedback, and mentorship from Ashley directly during our 12 week coaching experience together, but as long as you stay in our membership you get continued 24/7 support from me. You have direct chat access to me within the portal and you can also ask questions on monthly member calls.

Now that your final questions are answered, it sounds like you're ready to begin your journey.

and we are ready to have you!
Your journey starts here.
the next wave of M$ women.
Welcome to Her Seven Figure Story – a community and education platform for women looking to finally take control of their financial future, master their money, and create their own 7 figure story.

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