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The 7 Figure Society Membership Program

The 7 Figure Society is a monthly membership & accountablity group. We work with you on a monthly basis to help you build your personal, professional, and financial wealth.

Let Me Guess

Is this you right now?

stressing about figuring it all out...

you want to learn more about investing, but starting stresses you out

You're just jumpstating in your career, and finding it difficult to connect with likeminded women that are also working on improving their financial future

You're ready to invest in a community that provides you continuous support and allows you to ask money & career questions without judgement

it can be easier

...but you wish you felt like this?

eliminating the stress with a community solution

recieving monthly trainings on topics that will help you build wealth & confidence in the financial actions you are taking

invested into a community of likeminded women where you can network, make connections, and join accountablity groups

Learn how to negotiate and network to build up your community and net worth

The membership is designed to provide you continuous trainings, resourses, and networking to help you build your wealth in three critical areas:

Personal Wealth Building

Right when you join, you'll be asked to fill out an accountability document so we can best understand your goals and how to help you get there. And we will do monthly goal setting calls to help you pivot and build confidence.

Professional Wealth Building

Entrepreneur, Corporate Gal, College Student, or Stay at Home mom? - then we can help you thrive in that aspect of your life! In the membership we have resumes, networking trainings, and resources to help you make more money and grow in your career.

Financial Wealth Building

This aspect of our membership is to help you grow in critical areas of your financial wealth building journey - like intro to investing, budgeting, and growing confidence on common financial topics.


Just some of the trainings included

with new content added monthly

Financial Mindset Best Practices

Investing 2 Day Masterclass

Ashley's Favorite Investing and Budgeting Tools

Focus Topics

The type of skill sets we will work on together

so that you're the mastering the concepts that will provide the best ROI
Mindset & Goal Setting
Personal Accountablity Groups
Financial Confidence & Monthly Trainings
Career & Networking
When is the best time to join?

Now. As a member you get price locked into our membership program with the ability to continuously gain access to enhanced content designed to help you win. There truly is no better time to become a 7 Figure Story Society member.

Your journey starts here.
agency approach to financial education.
Welcome to Her Seven Figure Story – a community and education platform for women looking to finally take control of their financial future.

Saint Louis, Missouri