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Original Membership Program

The 7 Figure Society is a monthly membership & accountablity group. We work with you on a monthly basis to help you build your personal, professional, and financial wealth.

This membership includes support with Investing 101, passive income streams, starting a business, learning how to budget, mastering your mindset, and so much more...

The membership is designed to provide you continuous trainings, resourses, and networking to help you build your wealth in three critical areas:

Personal Wealth Building

Right when you join, you'll be asked to fill out an accountability document so we can best understand your goals and how to help you get there. And we will do monthly goal setting calls to help you pivot and build confidence.

Professional Wealth Building

Entrepreneur, Corporate Gal, College Student, or Stay at Home mom? - then we can help you thrive in that aspect of your life! In the membership we have resumes, networking trainings, and resources to help you make more money and grow in your career.

Financial Wealth Building

This aspect of our membership is to help you grow in critical areas of your financial wealth building journey - like intro to investing, budgeting, and growing confidence on common financial topics.

membership support

What to expect as a 7 Figure Society member:

1. Monthly Personal Development Resources

Each month members can participate in a book club, we share podcasts recommendations, and more.

2. A Monthly Accountablity Call & Monthly Masterclass

Each month we host accountability calls to review goals along with monthly masterclasses on personal development, investing, passive income, and more.

3. Group Programs & Trainings

Each month we host group trainings. All prior group trainings and programs are also housed within the portal for access to all members.

4. Community & Networking Opportunities

Within our community portal, you have direct access to Ashley, her team, and all members. Since so many programs have a networking or partner component, your next best friend, business partner, or life-changing opportunity could be in this community.

Want to be part of #1 wealth building online community?

other courses & programs included for our members:

Investing 101.. we've got you covered

Our Signature 2 Day Masterclass

As a student, you'll get to access both days of our masterclass event. Day 1 we cover learning about what investing is, understanding the difference between different investment accounts - roth IRAs, 401ks, etc, learning the difference between "short term & long term wealth strategy. In Day 2 we cover understanding different types of investments, how to "choose" investments, creating your own strategy for the long term & short term, and steps to begin investing.

land your dream job

Our Fortune 500 Package

The Fortune 500 Package is designed to help you master your resume, prepare for your interview with confidence, and land the job of your dreams. PSA: Implement the exact process that helped Ashley land every job and positions with three fortune 500 companies.

start building wealth with online passive income

20K+ Per Month of Passive Income Online Training Series

Since Ashley started Buy the Blazer, her business consulting firm, she has helped hundreds of business owners incorporate passive income into their business suite. YGet a taste of how to do it too in our Roadmap to 20K Per Month of Passive Income: Online Offer Edition program here. Live 4 Week Program February 2023

...along with these Masterclasses & Mini-Programs we’ve slated so you can get a feel for the kind of things coming up!

**membership exclusive programs
4 Week Rich Bitch Blueprint

Designed to help you get the best 2023 reset for your personal, professional, and financial development.

Mastering Your Relationship With Money Training

2 Hour Live Training Workshop Experience to celebrate LOVING your relationship with money for the month of February

Workshop on Goal Setting & Knowing How to Figure Out What You Want

Designed to help you get the best 2023 reset for your personal, professional, and financial development.

Utilizing Linkedin & Networking To Land Your Dream Job

Workshop on Linkedin and Networking with Ashley

How to "Sell Yourself:" Standing Out, Getting What You Want, & Commanding a Room

2 Hour Live Training with Ashley with Q&A and breakout rooms

1 Hour Training on How to Build Wealth Pre-Retirement

1 hour training on building wealth in the short term

Personal Story - How I'll Make 10 Million Dollars in my 30

1 Hour Live Training with Ashley with Q&A

Your Network is Your Networth

How to utilize your network and grow your network to build wealth

2024 New Year Goal Setting and Vision Planning Workshop

1 Hour Workshop & Group Coaching Call

When is the best time to join?

Now. As a member you get price locked into our membership program with the ability to continuously gain access to enhanced content designed to help you win. There truly is no better time to become a 7 Figure Story Society member.

Your journey starts here.
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