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Ashley Bennington, the founder and creative voice behind Her Seven Figure Story

Hey there, I'm Ashley. And I've become an expert at getting women to gain control of their financial future.

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I’ve always been on a mission to prove what is possible

starting at young age

My financial journey started before entering into middle school. I was told that I was going to be financially responsible for my college education, and if I wanted to graduate without debt, I was already behind. An enneagram 3 achiever to my core, I began my side hustle journey to prove that I could do what nearly everyone said was unobtainable. From there I learned how quickly being smart about making money, investing money, and thinking long term could be for my life. And since not every women learned the same lessons I did at a young age, I want to help them feel confident they have the same financial accomplishments in them too.

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Saint Louis, MO


The Idea Behind Her Seven Figure Story

After years of being a financial educator for my peers, I realized there was a ton of opportunity to bring my knowledge to other millennial women looking to achieve financial freedom and live their life by design. On the cusp of my 29th birthday this past year, I realized it was time for a new financial adventure and I looked to my vision board for inspiration.The words “millionaire by 30” have been on nearly every goals list and board I’ve made since early high school. 

And since my 30th birthday is August 12, 2022, I decided to give myself exactly one year to relentlessly pursue that goal. I launched Her Seven Figure Story on my 29th birthday… giving myself exactly 365 days to figure out this next great financial achievement.

Her Seven Figure Story is here to guide you on your own journey, but also take you along mine. I’m sharing my wins, my losses, and my lessons so you feel confident to go after your own financial goals with total confidence. 

So what are you waiting for..? Check out our services, products, and all the things in between.

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Welcome to Her Seven Figure Story – a community and education platform for women looking to finally take control of their financial future.

Saint Louis, Missouri