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A four segement approach to a clear financial strategy.

Your Budgeting Blueprint

A critical competent of organizing your financial goals and priorities to eliminate unproductive spending and lack of financial direction.

Your Emergency Game Plan

Account management designed to help you prepare for impact.

Short Term Wealth Strategy

Creating an outline to accomplish personal financial goals and life milestones.

Your Long Term Wealth & Retirement Strategy

Understanding strategic account utilization to make the biggest return on your investments.

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Here at Her Seven Figure Story, our mission is simple. We want more money in the hands of women. And when we realized the path to financial freedom seemed unclear, we decided to map it out. The first step is discovering your starting off point, or what we call your SOP.

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agency approach to financial education.
Welcome to Her Seven Figure Story – a community and education platform for women looking to finally take control of their financial future.

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