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Meet Ashley Bennington

Founder & CEO of Her Seven Figure Story

Ashley started Her Seven Figure Story as a way to document her own wealth building and financial confidence journey. After receiving a massive outreach from women desiring for her to provide them quality trainings and additional financial resources and support, she decided to expand her passion into a full blown business - working with over 500 women in just 11 months of launch.

The Her Seven Figure Story Three Focuses of Wealth Building:

1. Financial Development, Coaching, & Trainings

In our membership we are here to help you master your money. You get access to our full coaching framework program to help you learn how to confidently invest, save, and budget with total confidence.

2. Personal Development & Accountablity

Each month we host accountability calls to review goals and connect you with other members of your accountability cohort. We also have a monthly book club and we share weekly recommendations of new podcasts you can listen to directly in our portal.

3. Professional Development, Passive Income Resources & Education, Behind the Scenes of Building a M$ Business

As this is Ashley's personal and private membership program, not only do you get access to her for custom support, but you get to learn from her directly when it comes to creating multiple streams of income, passive income, and building a business.

our unique method

& a true four part approach to a clear financial strategy.

Your Budgeting Blueprint

A critical competent of organizing your financial goals and priorities to eliminate unproductive spending and lack of financial direction.

Your Emergency Game Plan

Account management designed to help you prepare for impact.

Short Term Wealth Strategy

Creating an outline to accomplish personal financial goals and life milestones.

Your Long Term Wealth & Retirement Strategy

Understanding strategic account utilization to make the biggest return on your investments.

Work With Us

The 7 Figure Society Membership & Coaching Program

The 7 Figure Society is the first ever coaching + mentorship container experience designed to help help build the next wave of M$ women.This program will teach you how to master your money, put it to work for you, excel in your existing career with negotiation skills and personal development resources, and explore what it looks like to create passive income streams and grow your net worth.

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Welcome to Her Seven Figure Story – a community and education platform for women looking to finally take control of their financial future, master their money, and create their own 7 figure story.

Saint Louis, Missouri